Better Code Design in PHP

Are you tired of spending hours reading code just to find the right place to make a small change? Are you forced to split your application into several just so that devs don't step on each other's toes? This talk unites theory with practice to show you how to structure your code so that it is easy to read, to test and to maintain. You will step out with concrete ideas of how to improve your code design.


  • How to structure modules and classes
  • What is information flow
  • How to make the code self-documenting
  • How to make it easier to onboard new developers
  • How to keep the code testable and maintainable



Anna Filina
Anna Filina is Developer, mentor, author, and public speaker on a mission to help developers write automated tests and maintainable code. She mostly works with legacy apps that have millions of lines of code.


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