From Open Source Hobby Project to a $2MM SaaS

Turning a hobby project – or even a potentially viable commercial project into a SaaS business is the eternal dream, right? The money just prints itself! Invest a lot of time up-front, and then sit back and relax, occasionally taking a break to high-dive into your silo of gold doubloons, Scrooge MacDuck style.

While running your own FOSS SaaS business is amazing, it can also be uniquely challenging. In this talk, I will share the story of how our company got to where it is today, starting from a tiny open source tool I built to help do my job. I'll tell you about the choices I made (the good ones and the bad ones), the bumps and bruises we got along the way, and the strategy we took to build a sustainable business without taking a dime of funding.



Alison Gianotto
Alison Gianotto (aka "snipe") has been writing PHP for over 20 years, starting way back in the early days before the PHP IRC channel moved to Freenode. She's written several books over the years on PHP, MySQL and cybersecurity, and currently runs a $2 million SaaS company that she bootstrapped from a hobby open source project she created on her vacation from her job as then-CTO of an ad agency in NYC.


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