PHP: How the Sausage Is Made

This session will discuss the development and release process of the PHP language. We'll look at how PHP functions as a project both today, and in its more wild past.

At a high level, we'll touch on each of the following topics:

* The RFC process, where feature ideas are laid out, planned, and voted upon by those who are active in PHP's development.
* Documentation, and its many translations, where most contributors start with their first patch.
* The Bug reporting and triage process as well as our extensive unit test infrastructure.
* QA testing through to release and support cycles.
* Windows builds and distro packaging.
* General governance in the absence of an official project lead. Spoiler: Rasmus actively avoids "owning" PHP.
* How anyone who cares about PHP can get involved today.



Sara Golemon
Sara Golemon is a Release Manager for PHP 8, 7.2, and 7.1. She continues to develop the PHP language runtime, websites, and documentation since first becoming involved in 2002. Sara currently works at MongoDB as a server security engineer, having previously helped develop HackLang and HHVM at Facebook. She enjoys experimenting with electronics and radio as a hobby, and is an aspiring sailor.

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