Just-In-Time Compiler in PHP 8

Next to a plethora of new features, PHP 8 introduces a tracing just-in-time (JIT) compiler, which promises to further improve the performance of PHP applications.

In this talk, we'll discuss the history and motivation behind the JIT, and investigate whether the performance claims hold water. But first and foremost, this talk is a technical deep dive into how the JIT works: Starting from a piece of PHP code, how do we end up with optimized machine code?


Familiarity with compilers would be a plus.


* Understand strengths/weaknesses of the JIT, and whether it may be useful for your application
* Understand how a modern JIT compiler works under the hood



Nikita Popov
Nikita Popov is a long-time PHP core contributor, now working at JetBrains, who is behind many major language features like generators, typed properties and arrow functions. Nikita also maintains the PHP-Parser library and contributes to the LLVM toolchain.

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